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Fireproof Cables

Welcome to Caledonian dedicated web site for Fireproof cables. Fireproof cables are designed to function properly also during the fire. The emission of smoke in this situation is free from corrosive gas and to help those working towards fire safety in the built environment.

Fire resistant single core cables and multicore cables for BS5839-1 (most fire detection and fire alarm systems), BS5266 (emergency lighting and standard application circuits), and BS8519 (life safety and fire-fighting) category 1 control circuits. Where used under standard BS5839-1, standard fire-resisting cables should be considered to provide sufficient resistance to the effects of fire, with appropriate methods of support and jointing.

Caledonian fireproof cables, branded under fireflix (fire resistant LSZH sheathed cables), FIRETOX (fire retardant LSZH sheathed cables) and FIREGUARD (fire retardant PVC sheathed cables) provide the following features:
-Fire resistance
-Long-term circuit integrity in a fire
-Minimum smoke emission
-Flame retardance
-Reduced fire propagation
-Zero halogen

To describe a cable as ‘LSHF’, it must pass two tests: (a) a smoke cube test, which sets a maximum accumulated smoke density produced when burning the cable with a standard fire, and (b) a corrosive and acid gas test where the cable materials are roasted and must give off a maximum of 0.5% acid gas. These tests are both specified in cable standards which include the description ‘having low emission of smoke and corrosive gases when affected by fire’. Cables made from PVC or similar halogenated materials are unlikely to pass these tests. A common misunderstanding is that a ‘LSF’ cable means it has only passed the smoke test and not the acid gas test. We prefer to use the ‘LSHF’ designation as it reinforces both requirements.

Fireproof cables are mainly used in the wiring of:
-Fire resistant safety circuits
-Public address and emergency voice communication systems in high-rise building
-Control and instrumentation services in industrial, commercial and residential complexes -High-temperature installation condition
-These are used in the design and installation of fire alarm systems.

We supply a full range of fire resistant and fire performance cables, often also referred to as fire survival cables, fire-proof cables, or simply fire cables.

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