Fireproof Cables







9..Is the quantity of cables installed in a construction relevant compared with other products? Cables are around us and most of the time not visible once they are installed. They link rooms and floors and go through the walls without interruption. In the event of a fire, cables can therefore be a vital vector of propagation of fire to the whole building through the cabling system. The sheer volume of cables in modern buildings due to the rapid technological evolution (electrical appliances, telephones, computer connections…) can be astonishing. In many office and shop buildings, new cables are added, for upgraded IT networks or new electrical security standards. All these cables represent a significant quantity of fuel for fire. In the Fifties the average time from ignition of a fire to flashover was 15 minutes. Now fatal conditions can occur after 3 minutes. This change has come about because of the increase of plastics in our homes.
The increased use of plastics in the last 50 years has had a dramatic effect on escape times, therefore any effort aiming at reducing hazardous emissions is relevant.



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