Caledonian FIREGUARD Cables

FIREGUARD cables are constructed in the following typical design:
  1. Solid/stranded annealed copper conductor
   2. Glass mica tape/silicone rubber as flame barrier
  3. XLPE/PVC as insulation
  4. Normal or Flame retardant FRPVC as sheath
FIREGUARD cables are offered in either single core, multicore or multi-pair constructions.
The insulation material is usually PVC with different levels of fire retardance properties to meet different stringent environment requirement. The cables may be armoured or braided, with or without metallic screen, depending on different applications.

The FIREGUARD cables manufactured by Caledonian comply with either one or combination of the following standards.
IEC 60332-1
IEC 60332-3C




Fire Retardant PVC Sheathed Cables (FIREGUARD)
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