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Railway & Automotive
Caledonian supplies to its customers in the railway and automotive sector signal and control cables, databus and optical fiber cables. The cable and cable systems guarantees that products developed for the railwayand automotive sector transmit power and signals perfectly in the train and along the track. Caledonian special cables are used in the demanding environments found in all kinds of road vehicles. Engine compartment cabling, sensor cables, all form part of the cable portfolio for the automotive market

When there's a need for shipboard cables, Caledonian has risen to the occasion with cable solutions designed, engineered, and manufactured for performance that can be relied in even the most extreme applications. For both dry and wet applications, our product offerings include water-tight and non-watertight designs and various constructions to deliver the consistent performance needed offshore. The safety problem is of primary importance on ships and for this reason we manufacture cables having extreme safety characteristics against a possible fire.Whether cables are needed for outboard or inboard use, Caledonian offers a number of solutions in various configurations and sizes that will reduce labor and installation cost, eliminate interference when placed close together, reduce weight, and more.
Applications for Shipboard Cable include:

  • Shipboard cables for electronics systems
  • Shipboard cables for communication systems
  • Shipboard cables for instrumentation
  • Shipboard security systems
  • Shipboard control applications
  • Shipboard EMI Screened cable for outboard or inboard use
  • And more...

Defence and Safety
As a defence cable manufacturer for over 20 years, Caledonian cabls has the expertise to design and manufacture custom designed defence standard cable solutions, meeting some of the toghest military specifications in the world. Key market include Naval Defence, cables for land force, military communications and airframe applications. Caledonian has met the challenge with a variety of material combinations to meet some of the most demanding military applications. The defence cables are tough, durable and resistant to a variety of oils, fuels and other chemicals, providing an impressive balance of rugged performance and low smoke and zero halogen properties

Refineries and petrochemical plants
Fire is the most devastating environmental influence that acts on a cable, in addition to exposure to moisture, chemicals, temperature extremes and physical or mechanical abuse. These environmental abuses can significantly impact a cable’s operating life and its ability to perform.
Caledonian cables are specifically engineered to maintain electrical integrity in applications where exposure to open flames can result in catastrophic loss or devastating damage to a plant. A pioneer in high-temperature cable products, Caledonian has designed fireflix to maintain circuit integrity at flame temperatures of 950°C for extended periods of time, facilitating an orderly shutdown of critical equipment.
Caledonian cables are unique in that they are the only flexible cable with high continuous operating temperature up to 200°C. The other low temperature 90°C Circuit Integrity Cables on the market may fail in hot environments often found around reboilers and heat exchangers in a Refinery or Petrochemical Plant. In addition, these 90°C Circuit Integrity Cables are jacketed with Polyolefins which do not have sufficient resistance to harsh chemicals found in a Refinery or Petrochemical Plant. Caledonian cables provide high temperature assurance, protection from chemicals and moisture, and its flexibility provides significant savings in time and labor on costly installations. No special tools for installation required.
Caledonian engineers, polymer scientists and our technical sales team have extensive experience with applications requiring cables that withstand severe environmental influences. Caledonian cables are uniquely designed to endure the effects of acids, alkalies, chemicals, oils, gases, open flame, water and steam, and physical or mechanical abuses.*
Caledonian cables are ideally suited for the myriad of applications in petroleum refineries, chemical processing plants, steel and aluminum plants, coke mills, glass plants, power plants and offshore rigs.

Power station/plants and HighRiseBuilding
Caledonian fireproof cables are specially designed in the environment with high demand on fire resisting performance such as power station, power plants and high rise building. Caledonian cables can offer a complete range of fireproof cables, with low emission of toxic gases, low corrosivity and toxicity and excellent fire retardance and resistance characteristics.

Off-shore Platform
Off-shore platforms are equipped with built-in power, control, data transmission systems; the whole in particularly engaging environments, where safety requirements must be kept at the maximum level.
Caledonian provide off-shore platform cables used for transmission of power, signal control and data transmission in special environment conditions of offshore oil platform. Caledonian offshore cables are designed to meet IEC 60332-22, with low smoke and halogen free characteristics, oil resistance, low toxicity and electromagnetic resistance.

Robotic and Automation
Cables for industrial robotic and automation requires high flexibility and reliability for repeated bendings and twistings in the moving parts. Caledonian cables are unique in such a way that they are not damaged by those stresses, thus contributing to keep the required strength for longer operating life.
The best fitted application of the pitch of insulated wires improves flexibility of the cables and prevents kink phenomenon of the inner insulated wires during repeated movement. Pitch of the inner insulated wires affect life span of the cables for the moving part. Caledonian Robotic cables are excellent in flexibility and bending characteristics by using ultra thin cables, specially extruded conductor and special insulation material.
By application of ETFE or halogen free TPE compound, Caledonian cables provide low coefficient of friction in insulation and excellent mechanical reliabiltiy in the moving part.
Further, Caledonian provides excellent electrical screening against EMI interference. By using special PVC and Polyurethane material, Caledonian cables can provide excellent cold resistance, oil resistance and abrasion resistance for the robotic and automation application.

Caledonian can offer both fire retardant and fire resisting power and control cables for life safety and fire fighting applications. With fire resisting cables, the electrical integrity of the cable has to remain intact for at least 3 hours, so as to activate or maintan crucial function such as fire fighting, public announcement, smoke extraction systems, sprinklers, emergency lightning, evacuation path lighting system etc.


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